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What is Fight Club

Fight Club is a men’s discipleship resource developed by men, for men, to reach men- to turn the tide on mediocrity and cause men to stand and say “not on my watch!”

Over a 10-week journey, men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability. A 3-strike rule applies to all challenges. These challenges change weekly and cover spiritual, relational, and physical assignments, along with Scripture memory and many opportunities to try something new, sometimes intimidating, sometimes just-for-fun.

As a precursor to any weekly assignments, men who join are asked to sign the Fight Club Creed and commit to living by the Fight Club Guidelines.

Don’t take this 10-week challenge unless you are ready for real gut-checking discipline. It will push you out of your comfort zone. It will push you to grow up. It will demand self-reflection, and realization that you are not in this Fight alone. This program will challenge you, but God made men to be challenged, and that is what has been missing in our culture. 

Why Fight Club

If you get the man, you get the family. If you get the family, you get the community. If you get the community, you get the world.

It’s no secret that the disappearance of the Man is a cultural epidemic, affecting our homes, schools, workplaces, churches, and communities.  Fight Club uses Challenge, Accountability, Camaraderie, and Grace; indispensable masculine ingredients that are men’s intrinsic native language to accomplish our mission to: AWAKEN men from mediocrity, STRENGTHEN them emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually, RESURRECT true masculine community and MOBILIZE them for maximum impact in their families, churches and communities.

Now’s the time you’ve decided to do whatever it takes be the man you know you can to be; the man God made you to be. Fight Club can help you take the first step.

How Fight Club got Started

Pastor Jim Brown from Grace Community Church (Goshen, IN) started a men’s Bible Study, that was more. It was more than a casual conversation. He was tired of the absence of The Man in the home, the family, the community. He is all about, “don’t be that guy”. Here in Central Indiana, we are forever grateful for his commitment to see guys be better. Fight Club is a franchised ministry that is self-guided, yet the program is similar across all Fight Club charters. ‘’, is not attached with Grace Community Church in Goshen; rather, we are a charter of the Fight Club ministry, following it’s guidelines, yet operated independently. Read more about it at their website.

More Questions?

You can check out our FAQ Page

Through God’s provision and guidance, Matt Zappasodi and Bob Loy began a journey March 2015, to wake men up from apathy, connect them to God, and to others. In 5 short years, has successfully graduated over 2,000 men through a 10 week intense program over 11 rounds. Fight Club program is a boot camp for men that need something to fight for. Men are waking up, fighting for their families, fighting for what is right, and making a difference. It is catching fire, and church’s in the Central Indiana Region want more. partner’s with church’s, and they are proud to offer Fight Club as a next step for their men.
In 2016 partnered with the Kokomo area utilizing Oakbrook Valley, this has DOUBLED the reach. Ty Rogers, Matt Boor, and Jason Braun from DadCamp were key players in launching this in the Kokomo area and beyond.
In 2019 launched a weekend experience called PHARE Warrior, where men can get away from the routine, and connect with God in nature, and with others. You can be refined in the fire.


We are wired for a good challenge. Every week you will be challenged in 4 key ways. If you get the challenges done, you move on to the next week. If you miss a challenge it is a strike, after 3 strikes, you can try again next time. Make it through 10 weeks, and you graduate. You can only wear a Fight Club band or T-shirt if you earn it through 10 challenging weeks. Are you up for a challenge?


When left alone, we can drift. It is Biblical to have brothers help each other. Iron sharpens iron. Fight Club has accountability built into it on 3 levels. An accountability partner, a small group squad, and acquiring strikes. Whether you need to give up video gaming, Netflix watching, or other mindless activities, you need to be held accountable to do so.


Community is so important in building men, but it is so easily missed. Camaraderie, is a core ingredient of Fight Club. The idea that “we’re in this together”, that there is a band of brothers supporting one another, is pure adrenaline in the veins of this ministry. In Fight Club, this is experienced in four main ways: Relationally through large group gatherings; Mentally, but challenging each other to memorize and read; Physically through pushing each other to new levels; and Spiritually by praying with and for each other.


Through Jesus Christ’s example, we can all experience an undeniable level of Grace through trial. John 3:16. 2 Corinthians 12:9. Ephesians 2:8. Finding out that you can’t do it on your own, opens up the awesome opportunity for others and God to support you through struggle and trial.

Guys that actually have an excuse not to show up a midnight for launch

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