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“With so many men fleeing the Church and shirking their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, friends and brothers,” says Jim, “something needed to be done.”

Jim Brown from Goshen, IN at Grace Community Church, started Fight Club in 2011. He has since made it available to church’s who want to be a franchise in the Fight Club movement, and develop their men into Godly men.

So many men are asleep, and there are many Christian programs that are floundering in their attempts to wake them from their discontent. Jim saw a problem, made an innovative solution and is sharing it with the world. Fight Club is uncommonly effective because it awakens men’s innate identity as fighters, helps them fight for the right things, and opens up the possibility for men everywhere to discover the strength of who they really are in God’s eyes.

Despite their best efforts, the Church as a whole is failing in most of their attempts to reach men. They are missing the key ingredients that draw a typical man. Jim would tell us that these missing ingredients are camaraderie, competition and challenge.

Justin Masterson, a multiple-time Fight Club graduate and current FC414.CLUB Leader was asked to summarize Fight Club for Multiply Magazine.

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