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The image above is from the film – The Heart of Man. Which I will have a review of here soon. Purchase here

Your Battle is not unique.

When I first read this book, it was during my first Round of Fight Club. The book assignment changes each round of Fight Club, and this one just happened to be the one the leaders picked.  I saw the title, and thought, oh, another book on how to deal with porn. But what I quickly realized is how this is every man’s battle, because it is embedded and engrained in our culture. This epidemic of ultra sexual, highly sensual content and comments are just normal. The battle isn’t how do we defeat this cultural norm. Instead, it is about how we learn the tools in order to deny this norm, and equip ourselves, retrain our minds to defeat the constant “thoughts” and reactions we have developed.

It doesn’t matter how you have ‘acted’ (either with women, or thoughts in your head) all men can benefit from learning from our past, and developing changes for our future. I would highly recommend this book to be read with another man, accountability partner, or in a small group of men.

There are also women, and youth versions if you are looking to share it with others. Steve Arterburn one of the authors just happens to also be on staff and a teaching pastor at our local church here in Carmel, IN.

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