My name is Kevin Sprinkle and I am a Fight Club man. The same as many of you guys I out kicked my coverage on my marriage and married wayyyy up out of my league almost 35 years to my beautiful wife Kim. We have had many struggles and challenges but love has won and God has been faithful. We have three wonderful adult children, an amazing daughter in law and three perfect grandchildren. God has blessed us far more than we ever deserve. We are thankful for His grace and mercy.

"Be Careful What You Write On Your Block"

I was invited to attend a thing called Fight Club by my good friend Ty Rogers that was kicking off at an Indy location. It sounded crazy and I am not a late night person anymore and I don’t think I was in the right season for it, so I passed. When Ty and Matt Boor invited me to Chapter 5 there was no way I could get out of it again and so I said yes because I trusted these friends and wanted to do more with them. I was blown away by the kick-off and jumped in whole heartedly. I graduated Chapter 5, signed up for Chapter 6 and became a squad leader and then again led a squad in Chapter 7. My life has changed dramatically for the better as I have finally found a way to connect the disciplines of Spiritual, Physical, Mental/Emotional and Relational all at the same time. It has been a holistic approach that has put me in the best place of my life. There were times when I have been stronger physically but not a stronger man. I have tried to practice these disciplines in my life but I could only ever grab one or two at a time and hold on. Fight Club has allowed me to become complete and balanced while I train and disciple other men to do the same. It has given me needed structure and discipline as well as key accountability.

"There were times when I have been stronger physically but not a stronger man."

In Chapter 5 we were challenged to do a dream board. To vision cast audaciously. It was something I had never done. I was 52 at the time and thought I just lived out most of my dreams when in actuality I just made things happen but never really dreamed of big things that I could only accomplish with God. My kids were grown and out of the house and so I did this with just my wife. I tried to think big and still the things I wrote were things I could accomplish within my own power. We had to write out one of our dreams on our block and somehow almost subconsciously without prior thought or consideration I wrote the words FULL TIME MINISTRY on my block. My wife looked at me confused and said “You have never mentioned that before.” I said “Yeah because I have never really thought about it before. I am not sure why I wrote it.” It almost just wrote itself. Through a series of amazing God experiences and spiritual growth I was presented with an opportunity that could only be attributed to God. As of March 16, 2018, just over a year from when I wrote that dream on the block, I start a new position as Campus Pastor of a new ministry and campus in Kokomo. I quit my job and started full time ministry. Living out an audacious dream. Be careful what you write on your block as God can turn your dreams into reality. What will I write next on my block…

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