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Why do we go through all the hype for Kick-Off?

If you have already experienced Fight Club, then you know we don’t meet at midnight every week. You also know that we don’t run around playing tug of war every time we see each other either. So what is the point of a Kick-Off rally with 350 dudes at midnight playing 10 man tug of war?

It is hard. #1 it is not easy to drive your butt to middle of small town Indiana, at 11pm, wait around in the rain, and commit yourself to whatever someone else thinks is a “good time”.

It is INconvenient. Yes is out of your comfort zone, and it is not at the most common of places and times. So I guess you could say, by showing up, you made the first cut.

Communicate. Fight Club is very much a word of mouth organization. Just like the game “telephone”, things can get a little exaggerated. (Although, I have seen a dude swallow 15 gold fish at a KO before(no animals were injured or tortured))
We need to give everyone a charge for the next 10 weeks. A battle cry if you will.

Others. I think the most important part of KO, is seeing that it is not about you. It is not about the beer you didn’t drink, or the extra mile you ran. It IS about the next guy, and the next life to be changed, addiction to be broken, relationship restored, and hope given to a new generation.

There are a couple MANdates at every KO. Fire & Fun have to be on the top of the list. Nature is definitely not far behind. When you are in a 60 acre property at night, with nothing but 350 men, and a giant bonfire…something special happens. I believe, God’s heart moves a little bit. I believe he is right there with us.

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