$4.14/week ($215/year) We give up things during FIGHT CLUB to practice fasting, and freedom from addictions. Can you give up the cost of a latte each week to support THREE Corpsman going through a round?


To build a wall it takes blocks. Your business can sponsor the blocks each round of FIGHT CLUB for $1,500 to provide them to Corpsman.


It is hard to find a facility for Kick-off and Midway large enough to handle 350 men; and for graduation 1,200 people. We are blessed to have church’s open up their doors to our regional weekly meetings. As we grow, the need for quality, centrally located space will change. Please pray for doors to continue to open, for as close to free as possible!


Our Leadership Retreat dinner, and Midway Lunch are amazing each round. These have a cost associated for sure, but more than $, we need a troop of volunteers to help prepare, cook, and serve the masses. If this is you, please contact us with interest. Our Hospitality Team is amazing! info@fc414.club


For $7.96/week ($414/year) you can pay for all of the Leather Bands for a Round of new graduates.


FIGHT CLUB awards are pretty awesome. We take pride in personally designing or hand making every award. We have a lot to celebrate, life change, freedom from sin, and it is worth recognizing. Each award is priceless, as ‘they’ say. Our Cost is about $4,000 per round.

Text to Give

We have a secure online payment method through Giving Fuel. It is easy to setup convenient recurring payments from your bank account/debit/credit card.

TEXT TO GIVE - (940) GIVE414 | 940-448-3414

Give Plastic

Of course we have credit card giving available for your convenience. 


Give in Person

If you would rather mail a check, you can!
You can make checks payable to
11650 olio Rd.
STE 1000-318
Fishers, IN 46037

More Info
As you know: FC414.club runs two rounds of Fight Club™ a year. Every Round has unique costs and challenges. We are asking our graduates to help us grow this ministry, support with prayer, leadership, and money. We estimate that it takes $60/corpsman to go through a Round. We do charge an entry fee for graduates to participate, and many of you donate to sponsor a corpsman. ALL IS APPRECIATED. Will you help us fill the gap, and be a monthly supporter, to help us continue this ministry?
Who Is Fortress Foundation?

FC414.club is a non-profit ministry under the umbrella of  The Fortress Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity.
All Funds that go to FC414.club, are designated specifically for the operation of the FIGHT CLUB™‚ program.
We do not profit off of ANY of the FIGHT CLUB™ activities or donations.