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Round 12 Graduate

5 graduate

"FIGHT CLUB has given me the opportunity to replace bad habit with good ones, eating better, exercising, being intentional with my family, praying with them, and stepping into leadership."

Real people with life-changing results


Round 14 Graduate

3 graduate

"I left my family, and was ashamed to engage and own up to my faults. For years the enemy kept me out of the game of fatherhood, because of FEAR. FIGHT CLUB challenged me out of my comfort zone, and to face my fears. My children have agreed to accept me as who I am, and I am learning how to be a father again."


Round 10 Graduate

7 graduate

"I turned 40, and realized I didn't have any real friends. I felt lost, and lonely. FIGHT CLUB is full of guys that are interested in me, and actually want a relationship with me. NOW I am proud to call the FC men in my squad brothers. There are also hundreds, if not thousands more that are graduates of the program, that I know got my back."

It's never too late for a new beginning.


Round 16 Graduate

2 graduate

"I lived with regret, holding onto secrets. I assumed that only I had made such dumb mistakes,
and that everyone else wouldn't understand. Through real vulnerability, I was stabbed in the front with a gut check by real men. They didn't judge me, and were honest with their faults, and the lessons they learned from them. Now I am looking forward to helping others that feel the same way I did."