What are you looking for?

First, go to your account page. Login, or register if needed. On the left side of the page you will see a tab titled “Orders”.

From here, you will be able to view your previous orders and the status of each order!

EASY! You can purchase a band just like any other gear. Once you have graduated from one round you can purchase a leather band here.

Not at all! We have Training Gear that is available for anyone to purchase. You can find that here.

Doesn’t fit?
Bent Hat?
Loose Thread?
Don’t Like it?
Sticker lost it’s stickiness?
Return it for a replacement, or exchange. Anytime.

We provide gear so that you will use it! So, if your hat fits weird, or you don’t like the way your hoodie fits, reach out!

Our gear is guaranteed. Just email info@fc414.club

Absolutely! If you have questions about what gear they are eligible for or what gear they might already have, contact us at info@fc414.club

Once your gear ships, you will get an email with tracking information!

If you haven’t received an email, that means your gear has not yet shipped.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out with an email – info@fc414.club

Good question! You “unlock” more gear with each time you graduate. Here is how it breaks down:

ANYONE can buy from the Training Gear” section.

Once you graduate the first time, you are eligible to get gear from the “01 Star” (or “1 Graduation”) section.

Once you graduate a second time, you are eligible to get gear from the “02 Star” (or “2 Grads”) section, as well as any section already unlocked. The more times you graduate, the more gear you unlock!

Email info@fc414.club or text Matt at +1 (574) 904-0419

First time graduates receive a leather band. Second time graduates receive their first star. Third time graduates receive their second star, etc.

If you missed a chance to get your band or stars, you can take care of that at a Kickoff or Graduation event!

If you need further help, reach out to your regional FC leader!