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If you are a graduate of Fight Club, and you are wanting more. The next step is Leadership.

John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  

You have gone through FIGHT CLUB™ and been led by great leaders.  You have been recognized by those leaders as a man who lives with integrity and possesses the qualities and core values of a leader.  We believe the next step in the learning and growth process is to lead other men to have that same experience. It’s time you join our leadership team.  You must continue to push yourself to learn and grow and the next step in doing so is becoming a FC414.CLUB Leader.  

Leadership Application

To become a CERTIFIED LEADER, each round you lead, you must complete our online trainings, and attend one of the in person/virtual training sessions.  Find our trainings inside our events page.  

As you know, we have three main events during the round:  KO, Midway, and Graduation.  These events are not possible without the help and assistance of our leadership team.  You may also know, we have a midway leader’s retreat the Friday night before our midway event at Oakbrook Valley.  Friday afternoon/evening includes help setting up the event for Saturday, doing a run-through of the event,  fellowship, meals, and a great time building leadership and camaraderie with your fellow squad leaders from all of our regions.  You DO NOT want to miss this great opportunity.


We are wired for a good challenge. Every week you will be challenged in 4 key ways. If you get the challenges done, you move on to the next week. If you miss a challenge it is a strike, after 3 strikes, you can try again next time. Make it through 10 weeks, and you graduate. You can only wear a FIGHT CLUB™ band or T-shirt if you earn it through 10 challenging weeks. Are you up for a challenge?


When left alone, we can drift. It is Biblical to have brothers help each other. Iron sharpens iron. FIGHT CLUB™ has accountability built into it on 3 levels. An accountability partner, a small group squad, and acquiring strikes. Whether you need to give up video gaming, Netflix watching, or other mindless activities, we need to be held accountable to do so.


Community is so important in growing men, but it is so easily missed. Camaraderie, is a core ingredient of FIGHT CLUB™. The idea that “we’re in this together”, that there is a band of brothers supporting one another, is pure adrenaline in the veins of this ministry. In FIGHT CLUB™, this is experienced in four main ways: Relational, Spiritual, Physical, Mental

What is Leadership?

Many of us that lead FC, were not leaders in our own domain.
We were just guys who wanted to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. Ultimately leading will help you be the best version of yourself possible.

What are the additional requirements?

You can count on an additional 1 hour per week to be a squad leader, or apart of a leadership team. It doesn’t mean that you will be tasked with extra requirements of reading and activities. Instead, your main job is to shepherd the men in your squad, and communicate with them. When connecting on the phone, sometimes this can feel like pulling teeth, but in person it is more like a campfire chat.

How do I get Started?

As a precursor to being a leader, we do require that you are a FC graduate. We also have a Level 1 Leader program for you to accomplish. There is an online training, in addition to an in person/virtual component. We typically schedule 4 in person/virtual trainings 6 weeks out from KickOff each round.