Chapter Needs

As you know: runs two rounds of Fight Club a year. One in the Fall, and one in the Spring. Every Round has unique costs and challenges. We are asking our graduates to help us grow this ministry, and pay for Chapter 6 expenses before its over. We estimate that it takes $60/corpsman to go through a Round. That puts us at a need of about $17,000 right now. is a non-profit ministry under the umbrella of  The Fortress Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity.
We do not profit off of ANY of the Fight Club activities or donations.  



$ 4.14

Per WeekPay it Forward


$ 4.14

Per WeekLarge Event Rental Facility Fee


$ 7.96

Per WeekLeather Bands


$ 450

Per RoundBlocks


$ 750

Per RoundMidway Event


$ 1000

Per RoundAwards
  • CORPSMAN –  $4.14/week ($215/year) We give up things during Fight Club to practice fasting, and freedom from addictions. Can you give up the cost of a latte each week to support FOUR Corpsman going through a round?

  • BLOCKS – To build a wall it takes blocks. It costs about $350 for each round of Fight Club to provide free blocks to Corpsman.

  • FACILITY – For $4.14/week ($215/year) you can support one Large Event Rental Facility Fee.

  • FOOD – We had a bunch of food donated through Target, and McAlister’s. But it does cost about $750 per chapter to feed the masses at a Midway Event.

  • BANDS -For $7.96/week ($414/year) you can pay for all of the Leather Bands for a Round of graduates.

  • AWARDS – Fight Club awards are pretty awesome. We take pride in hand designing or hand making every award. We have a lot to celebrate, life change, freedom from sin, and it is worth recognizing.


Fight Club is designed to be run by the head pastor of a church, and have that church back them with providing a location, and finances to run the ministry. saw there was some short-coming’s in the duplication process of Fight Club.
*One of those short-comings are that a lot of churches want it, but don’t have the time to operate Fight Club.
*The second is that the church may have the resources to operate Fight Club, but is already flooded with men’s ministries opportunities, and it gets lost in the shuffle.
*Thirdly, Fight Club in the name and of itself can seem edgy, and some churches don’t want to own it…yet.
Que We fill the void. Happy to run the ministry, and send changed men back into their church. We are loosely affiliated with 7 churches, and would like to make those relationships more official soon.



Doubling in size each round for the first 6, we are expecting a huge growth for 2018. Since partnering with Kokomo, and aligning with key players in the Discipleship movement, we have seen that God doesn’t want to keep this to a ‘holy huddle’.
We would like to be able to afford to have dedicated graduates assist in the ministry. If that means raising their own finances, or paying them, we don’t want to slow down the moMENtum that God has provided through this ministry.
A couple ways we see new opportunities:
*Leadership Development – Through Developing leaders within, and simultaneously providing external Fight Club Chapter’s an opportunity to train with us, we need to build ladders, not climb them.
*Staying Current – We would like to develop a newsletter, podcast, video creation Facebook/Twitter page, amongst other ways to stay connected to our growing graduate base.
*Testimony’s – Word is truth, and when it comes from someone else, you tend to listen. We want to document, and produce audio and video testimony’s of FC has changed their life. This is a HIGH priority.

Give Cash

We have a secure online payment method through The Fortress Foundation. It is easy, and very convenient for setting up recurring payments from your bank account or debit card.

Give Anyway

Of course we have credit card giving available for your convenience. 


Give in Person

If you would rather mail a check, you can!
You can make checks payable to
11650 olio Rd.
STE 1000-318
Fishers, IN 46037