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Round 13 - Excellence - Next Steps


Two KICK OFF times offered – 9:30pm and 12:00am. ONLY arrive at your selected time during registration.

  • Wear Athletic Clothes/shoes
  • Bring your ticket (paper or electronic)
  • Tickets will be scanned upon entry
  • Training Gear will be for sale
  • Book will be available at kick off

Event is @ Finch Creek Fieldhouse 16289 Boden Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060.

Bring Some Friends

Now that you signed up, tell a buddy to get in the Fight with you.

However, your buddy must register in advance to ensure they have a spot at Kick-off.  Our first meeting, “Kick-off”, is late at night and into the morning, but that is part of the experience, and something to talk about later.

What to do

Pray about the journey ahead and reflect on why you signed up. The details of what to expect may still be unclear, but that’s ok, pray for a clear understanding and strength to be committed for the full 10 weeks.

Connect with us on Facebook to continue to get updates leading up to the event.

Fighting Shape

Come prepared, if you don’t have a pair of athletic shoes, get some. If you haven’t worked out (jogging/pushups/situps) since grade school gym class, then you might want to consider a little warm-up.

You will be challenged on your fitness level and not against other men. Do some things to get the soreness out, and get ready.

Examples you can do in your house:
Jumping jacks, jump rope, pushups, situps, body squats, lunges, walk, bike, run, STRETCHING