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Community is so important in building men, but it is so easily missed. Camaraderie, is a core ingredient of Fight Club. The idea that “we’re in this together”, that there is a band of brothers supporting one another, is pure adrenaline in the veins of this ministry. In Fight Club, this is experienced in four main ways: Relationally through large group gatherings; Mentally, but challenging each other to memorize and read; Physically through pushing each other to new levels; and Spiritually by praying with and for each other.


We are wired for a good challenge. Every week you will be challenged in 4 key ways. If you get the challenges done, you move on to the next week. If you miss a challenge it is a strike, after 3 strikes, you can try again next time. Make it through 10 weeks, and you graduate. You can only wear a Fight Club band or T-shirt if you earn it through 10 challenging weeks. Are you up for a challenge?


Through Jesus Christ’s example, we can all experience an undeniable level of Grace through trial. John 3:162 Corinthians 12:9Ephesians 2:8. Finding out that you can’t do it on your own, opens up the awesome opportunity for others and God to support you through struggle and trial.

I now feel empowered to wear my faith on my sleeve

Kyle HardieGraduate

What was different about Fight Club? "Being in the Word has really helped me, but I have never experienced teamwork like this."

Jeff WidholmCorpsman

"My wife tells me, she likes the "new Russ". I would have to agree, and it gets me fired up to share with other men this amazing program."

Russ MillerLeader


We are all in a Fight, but who do you have in your corner?

Adrian Truesdale

NI / Newcastle Leader

James Wilson

Ballydown Squad Leader

Warren Smyth

Ballydown Squad Leader


Your Community!

Wayne McNiece

Ballydown Squad Leader


Your Community!

We Are Just Men

We are just like you, trying to find answers to tough questions, and find purpose in the every day. Give 10 weeks a try, what do you have to lose?