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Physical Benchmarks:

Write them down on your card, and fill them out on this benchmark submittal link

If you modify the movements, then use that modification each time we test benchmarks for this round.

Go to

password: *see email, or ask your squad leader, or email us [email protected]

You will be contacted by your squad leader as soon as he know who is in his group.

Quesitons: [email protected]

  • Pushups

  • In 60 seconds see how many pushups you can do.

  • modification: knees on ground pushups
  • Situps

  • 60 seconds see how many situps you can do.

  • modification: crunches
  • Pushup Burpees

  • 60 seconds see how many pushup burpees you can do.

  • modification: air squats

Chest hits the ground, or very close to it in a pushup burpee.

  • Mile

  • Time yourself jogging/running a mile.

  • modifications: walk, elliptical, stationary bike.