What is Fight Club

Fight Club is a 10-week journey where men are required to complete weekly challenges within the context of community and accountability. A 3-strike rule applies to all challenges. These challenges change weekly and cover spiritual, relational, and physical assignments, along with Scripture memory and many opportunities to try something new, sometimes intimidating, sometimes just-for-fun.

As a precursor to any weekly assignments, men who join are asked to sign the Fight Club Creed and commit to living by the Fight Club Guidelines.

Why do I need Fight Club?

It’s no secret that the disappearance of the Man is a cultural epidemic, affecting our homes, schools, workplaces, churches, and communities. With increasing desperation, the Church is working to remedy this, but many of our churches, despite their best efforts, are still failing to reach men. That’s because many methods used by churches are missing these indispensable masculine ingredients:

Why the name Fight Club?

You know your not supposed to talk about Fight Club, right? No, we don’t either. We challenge you to DO. Fight Club will ask you to DO stuff, not just talk about it.

How did Fight Club get Started?

Pastor Jim Brown from Grace Community Church (Goshen, IN) started a men’s Bible Study, that was more. It was more than a casual conversation. He was tired of the absence of The Man in the home, the family, the community. He is all about, “don’t be that guy”. Here in Indianapolis, we are forever grateful for his commitment to see guys be better. Fight Club is a franchised ministry that is self-guided, but uniform across all Fight Club chapters. Fight Club Indy, (Grace Church, Noblesville) has not partnered with Grace Community Church in Goshen; rather, we are a chapter of the Fight Club ministry, following it’s guidelines operated independently. Read more about it at their website. http://fightclub414.com

Who is Fight Club For?

Fight Club is for any man over 18 wanting to be the man they know they can to be; the man God made them to be.

Do I need Facebook to participate?

NOPE! No more Facebook! We know have a FIGHT CLUB APP! It is specific to our Charter (FC414.club). It is used only by members of Fight Club, so it is closed off to the public.

How do I get the Fight Club app?

We will give you instructions at Kick-off and through email once the Round starts.

Where do we meet?

Northview Church – Carmel, Indiana for Kick-off
Oakbrook Valley – Russiaville, Indiana for Mid-way
Crosspoint Church – Kokomo, Indiana for Graduation

At your regional church hub for optional weekly meetings: Roann, Kokomo, Noblesville, Fishers.

How often do we meet?

There are 3 large group gatherings per round.

KO – Kick off (1st week)

Midway (6th week)

Graduation (post 10th week)

Weekly we meet at your corresponding local regional hub.

What if I can't make it to the large group gatherings?

Why can’t you? The KO is set at 11pm so that you have no excuses. Now, maybe you are traveling, or an emergency services employee that has a firm night schedule. If that is the case, you can still participate, just sign up, and let us know.

What is KO?

Kickoff – The launch of the Round. The Round is 10 weeks long

I got on the email list, Now What?

Show up at Kick-off. You have an email that tells you when and where.
You will be sent preparation emails, but if you don’t receive them because of technical difficulties, it is your responsibility to show up!

Can I talk about it?

Yes, of course…You just don’t want to give away any of the good stuff for people that haven’t gone through yet.

How much does it cost?

Fight Club is free to all first time Corpsmen (attendees). You will be required to listen to or buy a book, and you have the option of buying a graduate gear. For all Graduates, there is now a fee to participate, you will see this at registration. As always, if you can’t afford it, let us know.

What if I can't do the physical exercises?

Don’t worry, we won’t embarrass you. Now, if you can’t do it because you are not cleared by your Medical DR. then you need to let us know ASAP.

What is a strike?

You will learn more about this at KO.

What if my accountability partner strikes out?

No Man Left Behind. We will hook you up with another group.

Guys that actually have an excuse not to show up a midnight for launch

Men who need Fight Club


Men who Graduate Fight Club